BlackPacific Capital LLC is an investment fund that is based out of Southern California that utilizes a multi-strategy approach to investing. The Fund uses derivatives to acquire and manage positions it sees as undervalued or falls into a special situation. Large positions are taken in systemically important companies that become undervalued by the market with an understanding that a catalyst exists to unlock its future value.  Capital appreciation with principal preservation lays at the core of BlackPacific Capital LLC.

Ryan Morrell

Founder and Portfolio Manager of BlackPacific Capital LLC, Ryan was determined to master the craft of being an investor. He has spent years studying the art of trading and investing and distinguished himself as a knowledgeable, skilled, successful investor with an eye towards undervalued companies with high growth potential. Ryan began his investing venture holding a few personal shares of Sirius Satellite Radio in 2004, to now managing and directing BlackPacific Capital LLC.

Shortly after graduating from San Diego State University with a degree in Political Science, he obtained a Series 65 License in 2011.

He began his investment career by investing in General Growth Properties, the largest U.S. real estate company to seek Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2009, which held a value of $0.75 at the time, only to emerge a year later as a $15 stock. He followed up with a large investment in Clearwire Corporation - who provides massive amounts of much needed and valuable spectrum to cellphone carriers. Within the first year of the Clearwire investment, to his benefit, one of the largest telecom bidding wars took place between Sprint and Dish Network to acquire Clearwire. Together, these two major investment endeavors provided him with the support and confidence needed to maintain a thirst for success.