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Week 105: The Big Lie Pt. Three- Stuck In Purgatory

Week 104: The Big Lie Pt. Two- The 500lb Gorilla in the Room

Week 103: The Big Lie- Intro

Week 102: Oil Saga- Big Risks and Little Spare Capacity

Week 101: Oil Saga- They Say There Is A Lack In Demand...

Week 100: Oil Saga- Where Did All The Rigs Go?

Week 99: Oil Saga- Running As Fast As You Can To Essentially Stay In Place

Week 98: Oil Saga- CapEx

Week 97: Oil Saga- Intro

Week 96: It's All Bad...No Wait, It's All Good!

Week 95: Back In the Black

Week 94: What Goes Up Must Come Down

Week 93: Let the Jawboning begin!

Week 92: Well Well Well...

Week 91: Tell If You Have Heard This One Before...

Week 90: Only Market Where Customers Run When Things Are On Sale

Week 89: The Bid finally Comes but is Quickly Gone

Week 88: The Market Can't Catch a Bid

Week 87: Never Short a Dull Market

Week 86: Mark My Words "It's Not Going to happen"

Week 85: The "Federal Open Mouth Committee"

Week 84: Finally Catching A Bid

Week 83: Money For Nothing

Week 82: A Race To The Bottom

Week 81: Another V Shaped Recovery

Week 80: Another Year, Another Double Digit Gain

Week 79: A Huge Surprise in the Jobs Report

Week 78: Push It to the Limit

Week 77: This Is The End, Beautiful Friend

Week 76: Ask and You Shall Finally Receive

Week 75: Triple Digit Deja Vu

Week 74: Emotions Running High

Week 73: It Not About Predicting the Rain, its About Building an Ark

Week 72: Surrounded By Record Highs!

Week 71: Dollar Strength

Week 70: A Market With No Respect

Week 69: The Path Of Least Resistance

Week 68: Not Seen in Over 200 Years

Week 67: Finally a Correction

Week 66: Fear of the Unknown

Week 65: Bring on the Consolidations!

Week 64: Everyone has a Plan

Week 63: Momentum Meltdown Part II

Week 62: DOW 17,000!

Week 61: Its A Record

Week 60: It's Back!

Week 59: The grand experiment by the worlds central bankers

Week 58: Thanks for the 2% gain!

Week 57: Here's 1900

Week 56: Straight from the Fed's Mouth

Week 55: A Non-Event Jobs Report

Week 54: As Easy as Throwing a Dart

Week 53: The Pain Trade

Week 52: Stuck between a Rock and a Hard place

Week 51: Setup to hurt the most amount of people when it is least expected

Week 50: Stuck in the Land of Confusion

Week 49: 5 Years Later

Week 48: Breaking Through Major Resistance

Week 47: Stuck at 1850

Week 46: Buy the dip remains the play

Week 45: The Federal Reserve wants out

Week 44: Self-fulfilling or true correction

Week 43: Where is the inflation

Week 42: The Smallest Gain in 3 years!

Week 41: The Theory Goes

Week 40: Fooling the People

Week 39: Why the selloff?

Week 38: Following the Crowd

Week 37: Dow 16,000

Week 36: Same Old Story

Week 35: A somewhat Satisfactory Jobs report

Week 34: Heading to the Equity Market

Week 33: Buying on Margin

Week 32: Groundhogs Day

Week 31: Backwardation

Week 30: All in

Week 29: Will they or wont they?

Week 28: taper off!

Week 27: The calm before the storm

Week 26: August jobs report

Week 25: A game of headline roulette

Week 24: The halt heard around the World

Week 23: Lowest levels in a month

Week 22: Taper or tighten

Week 21: Consumer Sentiment

Week 20: All quiet on the Western front

Week 19: Macroprudential regulation

Week 18: Exodus

Week 17: The last 13 trading sessions

Week 16: R.N Elliott and the Elliott Wave Principle

Week 15: Sell in May?

Week 14: The Bernanke PUT

Week 13: Bull Markets are born on pessimism

Week 12: Money doesn't grow on trees

Week 11: The free-fall in Gold

Week 10: Frank Lloyd Wright once said

Week 9: The NINJA generation

Week 8: Making it through the Albatross

Week 7: The Banks in Cyprus

Week 6: First time in over 16 years

Week 5: Beating the Jobs report

Week 4: Don't fight the fed

Week 3: Prolonging the hangover

Week 2: Jim Rogers once said

Week 1: The beginning of the rally